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TSD Let's Play is Here!

Check out the first episode:

WhenDebt 1.2P Fix 1 Available on Google Play!

WhenDebt Logo Click on the icon to download the app!

WhenDebt Tablet Version 1.1 Available on Google Play!

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Major Updates:

A new YouTube series premieres! TSD Let's Play. So let's play some of my old computer games I wrote, after you watch a bunch of guys toss around a pigskin for a silver trophy.

Working on a new feature: The Saturday Quiz, a new game-show simulation with PHP and MySQLi.

Re-relased Loan and Budget programs for FreeBasic.

New feature: "Game Show Accounting Department".

Finished a workable version of my new game "Plock" with instruction picture.

Finished the "How To Pay Your Bills" feature".

Deleted the FreeBasic programs from the website. Apparently, the programs freeze up in my Windows 10 laptop when you exit out of them.

Fixed the bugs in Coryat Scorekeeper: Categories can now be saved, and a Double Jeopardy! bug was fixed.

Fixed the bugs in Coryat Scorekeeper: Categories can now be saved, and a Double Jeopardy! bug was fixed.

A new program: Eggcrate Display Control.

Created an autocalc on the budget program as well as the loan program previously implemented.

Fixed the loan program so it won't rely on sloooooow for loops. Thanks finance people!

Bank Run: Made it to where the game automatically starts over at the end.

Fixing up the HTML on the website after creating a new JavaScript Canvas program.